INK 2014 - Website

The INK Conference is our annual celebration of thinkers and doers from diverse walks of life. World's visionaries - CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, technologists, scientists & more - gather under one roof for a cross-pollination of ideas and chance encounters for the next big breakthrough.

INK LIVE 2014 - Website

INK Live is unique and simulating experience to witness a real time telecast of the INK Conference 2014 live and uncut. The experience is designed for students and young professionals and is very affordable.
Grab the opportunity to be a part of INK 2014 conference.

All you have to do is, blog about how you will go 'Beyond Boundaries' and create a connection!

Get set on exploring and expand your boundaries.

The blogger who wins gets an exclusive pass for INK Conference worth Rs 50000.

Next 5 winning blog posts will win passes to INK Live Conference.